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Well, Hello There

So it seems I've caught your attention...

Brief Introduction: Welcome

Some words which have been used to describe me include chill, intelligent, silly, slightly dorky, and intuitive. A handful have also said sexy.​

Lover of nature, tattoo enthusiast, adventure seeker, and sensual romantic, I'm grateful to be walking the path I'm on and can't wait to explore it more with you.

Brief Introduction: About

Sneak Peak

I began this work when I was completing university, a way of helping to pay the bills while focusing on my studies. I had thought it would end when I graduated. 

While working a job which my degrees had prepared me for, I continued my time as a companion on the side. As I worked in the field I thought was going to be my long-term career, I became deeply unsatisfied. During my 9-5 work week, I looked forward to the weekend when I could spend intimate time with my regulars as well as feel the excitement of building new connections.

In January 2022, I made the decision to exclusively pursue the work which I more genuinely enjoy.

I had not imagined this would be my path. But we are always evolving, as do our plans. With my sapiosexual drive for intimacy and my desire for connection, I am so grateful to be where I am.

Brief Introduction: About

A Few Faves

​Time in nature
Music (included in all dates)
Sweet treats

Deep conversations

Water fun (i.e. canoe, scuba, surf)

Animal friends
Lacey lingerie

Spicy foods
Genuine laughter (re: puns)

Pretty flowers
Soft kisses (in various areas...)

Brief Introduction: About

In the different ways we may find ourselves together, making new connections and building relationships is what makes me feel alive.

Do you share this need for intimacy?

Help me fulfill the desires of your dreams as we explore our bodies and minds together.

I hope to connect with you soon.

Brief Introduction: Cancellations

​"When you look into her eyes... you know something special is going to happen"

Brief Introduction: Cancellations
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